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For Authors
A. Instructions for authors

1. The papers submitted to EcRG for publication should NOT be published or UNDER review to another journals.
2. Papers must be written in English (see Editing Services) and should have seven pages or less, excluding  figures, tables and references.
3. Contributions to EcRG should be electronically submitted by email to editors, at both and (there is no submission/publishing fee).
4. In order to write the paper, the authors must use the following format (download the Paper Template):
       (i) paper size: Letter (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm)
       (ii) margins: top 4 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 2.5 cm, header 1.27 cm, footer 1.27 cm.
       (iii) the file format: doc
       (iv) font text: Garamond.
5. The first page of the manuscript should contain (download the Paper Template):
       (i) the title
       (ii) the name(s), institutional affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es) of the author(s)
       (iii) an abstract of 50-200 words.
       (iv) JEL categories (see JEL Codes)
       (v) 5 keywords
6. The Abstract should include in few sentences: the paper objective, the analysis period and the investigation method, the main findings by showing how these outcomes are fixed or clarify the assumed issue, and the main research conclusions.
7. Titles and subtitles should be numbered consecutively (1., 1.1., 1.2., 2., 2.1., 2.2. etc.).
8. Mathematical relations, figures and tables should be numbered consecutively (1, 2, 3 etc.).
9. References should be listed at the end of the main text in alphabetical order. They should be cross-referenced in the text, using the author's name and publication date: Tullock (2008), Barro and Sala-i-Martin (2004) or Buchanan et al. (2002).
10. The authors are expected to provide any information in order to verify the replication of the results.

B. References style

Tullock G (2008). Public Goods, Redistribution and Rent Seeking. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Chapters in Books:
Reisman D (1999). Buchanan as Conservative. In Brennen G, Kliemt H, Tollison R (Ed.), Method and Morals in Constitutional Economics: Essays in Honor of James M. Buchanan, pp. 103-109, Springer.

Siegle J, Weinstein M, Halperin M (2004). Why Democracies Excel. Foreign Affairs. 83(5): 57-71.

Working Papers:
Oliveira-Brochado A, Martins F (2005). Democracy and Economic Development: A Fuzzy Classification Approach. FEP Working Papers, Research-Work in Progress. 180.

Conference Papers:
Chen L (2007). Development First, Democracy Later? Or Democracy First, Development Later? The Controversy over Development and Democracy. The annual meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, New Orleans.

Institutional Rapport:
International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, April 2009.

Web sites:
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. (accessed in January 13, 2010).

C. Review process

The review process has three steps:
1. After a minimal analyzing of the manuscript, the editorial board decides if the paper can be sent to reviewers (approx. 1 week).
2. The reviewers, experts in the field, make the review reports of the paper (approx. 4-6 weeks)
3. Based on the reviewers' reports, the editorial board decides if the paper can be published or not in journal (approx. 1 week).

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